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Since 2003 the Livingston County Environmental Association has been working to protect the health, welfare and natural resources of Livingston County, which is in the heart of Central Illinois. Our environment includes some of the richest agricultural soils in the world. The terrain is amazingly flat, creating a wide open landscape that stretches out for miles under a big sky. Night or day, these vast prairie vistas remind us of both the beauty and value of our local ecosystem. LCEA strives to protect this environment and the people who live here. We do this by identifying and studying and pursuing the environmental challenges and opportunities that affect our communities. Everyone can do their part to protect our natural environment. Please join us and help protect the health, welfare and natural resources of Livingston County!

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Students at Regional Alternative School are Working to Help Bats

Alternatives for a Better Environment

Julia Cashmer, Amy Walter, Rachael Baxter, and Instructor Gary Norris from the Pontiac Regional Alternative School with bat houses, representing their group Alternatives for a Better Environment./Photo by WJEZ

By Todd Wineburner

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